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Welcome to the most Efficient & Effortless way to sell your Old or New Car, Bakkie, Combi or Suv. Whilst gaining nationwide dealership exposure, that maximizes your chances of achieving a great price. We provide a safe and transparent platform to conclude the sale of your vehicle from where ever you are, directly with the dealership who is willing to pay the most for your car. It’s a 100% Free Service for sellers.

Our platform is also designed to make it possible for dealerships to buy verified and pre-assessed vehicles directly from the owners in other cities and provinces, from where ever they are using a smart phone, device or pc.

Our service is only available to Private Sellers to Sell & Dealerships to Buy.

How it Works

Simply Click Sell My Car, fill in your vehicle details and we will contact you to arrange a vehicle assessment at your convenience or Call: 0861 24 7775. After the assessment your car will be uploaded to our online auction for the time frame of your choice, which could even be as short as a few hours. At the end of the auction you will be presented with the highest offer. Once accepted, our trustworthy assessor will come back to you to conclude the purchase and make payment via eft. It’s that simple to Shop for the best price.

Dealerships who want to gain access to our online auction can do so by Clicking SignUp As A Dealer and submit the required documents for verification. Once you have been approved and subscribed, you simply login to gain access and start buying vehicles directly from sellers.

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  1. We offer a simple, efficient and safe platform for you to sell your car whilst receiving maximum exposure with none of the hassle.
  2. You choose the time frame of the auction according to your requirements, which can be as short as just a few hours or even longer than a day.
  3. Selling your car directly to the dealership willing to pay you the most, gives you a great advantage on the price you receive. By, bypassing middlemen/wholesalers or other businesses who may have got in-between.
  4. We save you the trouble of driving to every dealership in town or meeting with time wasters and strangers to get the best deal on your car. 100% Free of charge for sellers.
  5. Our trustworthy assessor comes to you, assess and upload your car to the online platform.
  6. We take care of the entire selling process for you, including the paperwork.
  1. We empower dealerships to achieve a nationwide buying presence from where ever they are.
  2. Dealerships buy vehicles that would usually be unfeasible to purchase due to the amount of time and travelling it would require.
  3. It is effortless and efficient for dealerships to buy vehicles in other cities and provinces directly from sellers, by using our platform.
  4. Vehicle assessors are experienced and trained to meticulously assess used vehicles. So that we can provide an accurate & detailed description via a specially designed inspection, which include detail photos and videos.
  5. We enable dealerships to buy directly from the seller, which allows you to bypass middlemen/wholesalers or other businesses in-between.



Maximize your vehicle’s exposure without the hassle. It’s The Smartest Way to Sell.



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