Terms & Conditions

General Terms:

  • Ts & Cs Updates:

We may amend the terms and conditions at different periods in time. The user understands and agrees that their access to, or use of the site is determined by the terms that are in place at the time of access. Provided there are changes made to the terms we will notify you by email or we will add a notice to the site. It is advisable for you to revisit the terms from time to time to ensure that you understand and are aware of the terms, as revised versions will be binding on you. The amended version of the terms will be effective from the first day it is released. The user understands and agree that your continued use of the site after the changes of the terms have been introduced, is an indication of your acceptance of the new and current terms. 

  • The use of images:

Advertisers are not permitted to use images copied from other adverts in their listing or profile, unless the owner of the image has granted permission for its use.

Use of this website:

  1. Eligibility:

In order to access or use the site you must be 18 years or older and have the ability to enter into these terms. You will not be allowed to use the site if you have been banned previously from the site or if your account has been closed.

  • Access granted to use the site:

We allow you to use the site subject to the agreement to adhere to the terms of the site. In you making use of the site, you will be doing so at your own risk inclusive of the risk that you may be exposed to content that is offensive.

  • Site Accessibility:

The site may be affected, amended, updated, impeded, or may be temporarily unavailable at any time without notifying users or being liable.

  • Your Account:

In order to advertise on ShopMyCar.co.za you will be required create an account for yourself or business, in providing us with basic information about yourself/business. You take full responsibility for your login details such as your username and password. You are also liable for any activity that originates from your account.  You are in agreement to inform us instantly of any unauthorized activity taking place through your account. We maintain the ability to close your account at anytime for any reason. In creating your account, we request that you use accurate and complete information about yourself or company. It is also not permittable to create multiple accounts per user, should ShopMyCar.co.za come to learn of such activity, ShopMyCar reserves the right to ban your account without prior notice to you.

Your Advert / Your profile:

  1. Responsibility:

As the user you are responsible for your content and once published it may at times not be withdrawn. The risk related to your account, including the quality and reliability of services provided and promised lies with you. You may not indicate that your content is sponsored or supported by ShopMyCar.co.za . You may openly express liability of any false information listed in your content, or any violations in terms of policies and violations of the law.

  • The Use of Your Content:

We maintain the right to use your content in a number of ways, this includes displaying it publicly, promotions, including it in our advertisements on all advertising platforms and distributing it. Hence you hereby irrevocably grant us permission to use your content for any marketing purposes. In agreement with this you also irrevocably grant the users registered on the site as well as the media access to your content in using the site and any other media.

  • Ownership:

You own your content. We own ShopMyCar.co.za content. That said, you will not be allowed to change, recreate, disperse or create an imitative product of ShopMyCar.co.za content, publicly display or utilize the content of ShopMyCar.co.za except where authorization has been granted by us. We do not affirm you any rights in the site and all the content held by the site.

  • Advertising:

ShopMyCar.co.za may include your content in advertisements. This does not make you eligible to receive compensation for said advertisements. The manner or the extent in which your content is used is subject to change at our discretion without issuing a notice unto you.  

  • Adverts:

All listings on ShopMyCar.co.za must offer an automotive vehicle for sale, such as cars, bakkies, suv’s, combi’s, motorbikes, trucks and others.

The Following are not Permitted by ShopMyCar.co.za:

  • Changing search results to obtain an unfair view of a listing
  • Making use of Keywords that has no relevance to the item for sale
  • Listings that promote other listings
  • Listings that are unclear or that leave a question mark should be excluded
  • Including a range of adverts into a single listing

It is required that  you provide accurate information about the item, and where the item can be found needs to be included, such as the city.

Buyers & Sellers:

ShopMyCar.co.za is a marketing platform for individuals and businesses to advertise their vehicles for sale. All listings (adverts) listed on ShopMyCar.co.za is not property of ShopMyCar.co.za but is the property of the individual or business it is listed under. The seller enters into an agreement with the buyer & the buyer with the seller completely at their own risk. ShopMyCar.co.za shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused, however raising.

As facilitators we provide you with options in pricing and advertising of automotive vehicles to buy or sell. ShopMyCar.co.za will not be liable for any disputes, and maintains minimal control over items listed, item description, legality of items, payments, and lastly completion of transactions, returns or warranties.

You understand that you are making use of the platform at your own risk and that services are being provided on an “As Is” and “As Available” basis by ShopMyCar.co.za

Payments & Packages:

ShopMyCar.co.za offers its services in a free and paid package option. Our limited free package is intended for private sellers only to utilize to sell their vehicle/s. Whilst our paid packages is intended for car dealers.

All payment transactions are processed using a secure payment gateway. Currently PayFast. Please note any packages or advert extras purchased are irrevocable once completed by you.

Packages purchased via the EFT method will only be available to you once the funds have cleared in our account.


We encourage you to notify us if you believe another user is violating the Terms and Conditions. However, we reserve the right to launch an investigation and decide on the necessary measures in taking action.

  1. You are in agreement not to:
  2. Encourage others to violate ShopMyCar.co.za Ts & Cs
  3. Discriminate or threaten to cause harm unto other users
  4. Request personal information from others unless business related.
  5. To promote pornography
  6. Violate any Policy or law.
  7. Violate our Terms & Conditions
  8. Using an automated or mobile device in order to access or manipulate the site.
  9. Undertake to gain access to the site through hacking or any other means


In accessing or making use of the site you, you constitute that you have read and understood the terms and that you are in agreement with them.

  1. The use of the site is entirely at your own risk. ShopMyCar.co.za makes no promises about the quality, reliability or accuracy of the site nor do we guarantee its safety and security on the site content. In addition, ShopMyCar.co.za are also not responsible for any loss or damage faced by the users.
  2. Also ShopMyCar.co.za are not responsible for any loss or damage that arises from other users accessing your content or misusing your content.
  3. ShopMyCar.co.za refuses to accept responsibility in any way for warranties, products purchased, refunds & returns and any other transaction offered by the businesses or individuals advertising on our site.
  4. If you are dissatisfied with the site and the services provided or any other grievance will be deemed as your termination and discontinuation of access and future use of the site.   

Should you be unsure about any of our terms and conditions or have an enquiry kindly contact us via email & we will answer any questions you may have.